CERUTTI QUOTES ON MARBLE, BROUGHT TO YOU COURTESY: AQUAFINA SPARKLING ............Flaunting Your Diligence Reward. . The Ronaldo Way

Flaunting Your Diligence Reward. .

“Until we learn to praise God for our modest talent given us and then learn to flaunt our achievement in the open like Worlds Best, Cristiano Ronaldo Did at the Santiago Bernaubeu Stadium Before A crucial game, by flaunting his five Ballon D' Or trophies for the world to see, without fear or favor, we may not be ready yet for the big stage where the big prize lies

" It’s not pride to show off and flaunt what work of diligence helped you achieved, its mark of true champion and that we must do by our hand to motivate the upcoming champions to work hard, it’s our job to flaunt our top prize, God can’t come down and do it for us, He has blessed us already"

* This classical quote is by a Ronaldo Connoisseur, Chief Mike Cerutti


IT  Was inspired shortly the explosive weekend encounter between Real Madrid And Seville, When Ronaldo Scored A Brace  but before then had flaunted his  glittering 5 BALLON D’OR


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