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One of the MOST stylish ladies  that ever lived on planet earth, Coco Channel was most emphatic on her views on Elegance when she mused in a quote that:” Elegance is not the Prerogative of those who have escaped from adolescent, but those who have already taken possession of their future’’ . Today, it can be categorically  said that one of the greatest failures of many young ladies today and even a  couple of men is their inability to research on the art of looking good in the good life or a failure to learn from the legends or czars of the game, many simply take things for granted
A lady that has taken her time over many years to study the art of style, luxury and elegance,i is no doubt  the lady called Eunice Efole, with whom this WORLD LEADERS

Group leader/publisher, chief Mike Cerutti  had a luxury  lunch encounter recently, the result was a premium 10 quote piece


1- ‘My current lifestyle was not given to me on platter of gold, I worked extremely hard by special grace of God to get to where I am today and this is not my best yet, I still have a lot to achieve in life’’ 

2- ‘I believe each and every one of us can attain whatever we set our eyes on in life if only we can focus on the good things, what we want to achieve that will secure our future, not the waste, not the material things, not the cars, not the jewelries. Go for durable investments that will secure your future’ 

3‘I always tell women my age, middle class women that self-employment is very important. You have to do it yourself and nobody will do it for you’’ 

4- ‘God has given each and every one of us the innate ability to look inside ourselves and find the answers to all our worries, and I have able to do that over the years, and I am trying to improve on that on daily bases’’

 5- ‘They see the outgoing EUNICE, but they don’t see and know the real Eunice. I had a lifestyle that was open to a lot of friends but I have outgrown that now, I now select the kind of friends I make now, I move now with kind of friends I want to grow old with and friends that will add value to my life’

6- ‘I don’t need the whole world to approve of me; I need the right people, people that are genuine, not necessary because they are high profile but because I gravitate towards good people and they gravitate towards me’’

 7- ‘I DON’T set out to stay with high profile people, I deal with you based on my experience with you, I know how to manage each and every aspect of my so called celebrity lifestyle’’

8- ‘I am ONE man woman, I don’t play Peter and Paul, I deal with one man at a time’’
9- ‘ My experience has thought me that in life, you have through the rough times, the very good and the bad times, but don’t dwell on it, it is how you are able to pick up yourself and get out of it, that is what makes you a total being’’ 

10- ‘I AM the kind of person that is very meticulous. I keep records. I can tell you this is what I have achieved and I will have something to show for it’’

That is elegant Eunice for you

* About the Author

 Czar of letters, CERUTTI M.OSAGIE, aka ‘’THE AFRICAN WORDSMITH ‘is the very definition of a "grass to grace" success story. Originally a sports' Writer Mike became converted by Africa’s foremost publisher, Chief Nduka obaigbena, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of THISDAY newspapers to a people and life style writer. Mike Cerutti Osagie has since expanded his talent to deeper areas of writing from style, to branding, to business, to inspirational, to politics and is today carving out a niche as a premier luxury Writer. 
A well-travelled showman, Mike  Cerutti who is also motivational speaker has been on the wings and is the current award winning best style writer, best celebrity prolific writer and teen’s favorite young charity personality of the year. This is on account of his tireless efforts of bringing the world's attention to the plight of the blind and orphans in society.

 An avid reader and prolific writer, Ceruti Osagie remains one of the few success stories of writers about the rich and famous globally. He has written on a large number of famous people over the last few years on his online blogs: www.worldindsutryleaders.blogspot.com and his CNN ireport column in additional to a robust 4 page splash every Monday in BUSINESS WORLD, Nigeria and He is a highly oxygenated reference point to those who wish to read on the world's famous brand names and products. Many people from all over the world visit his blog to see what is new in the beautiful world of affluence
*He can be reached Email: youngchief@yahoo.com Tweeter:@OsageCerutti & TEL: +234 70426318

OR LOGIN @ http://worldindustryleaders.blogspot.com.ng/2017/04/g-ceruttiworld-industry-leaders-onlin.html


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