Every day and every now and then WORLD LEADERS publisher, Chief Cerutti Mike Osage goes out of his way seeking knowledge from the rich, famous, billionaire minded and even men of God, all in a bid to make the world habitat, and delete or eradicate poverty mentality from global youths-and the elderly- who still desire to be emancipated.

As yesterday marked the celebration of the International Youth Day, The World Leaders media platform observes some of our African leaders for their remarkable efforts to empower the youth.

Our chosen leader of the day is one who lives in the diaspora, all the way in the United Kingdom, named "Miss-K". 
Meet this amazing woman, who is not just the epitome of beauty, but also the epitome of class, boldness, and relentlessness. 
An Afro-Caribbean decent with Latin heritage. A woman who has a hell of a story to tell, and that story, she tells it daily, using her social media platform for social change, where we follow her closely @ misskworld.


With over 172 countries following her blog worldwide, she has a magnetic personality that keeps people coming back for more, as they can't seem to get enough of her empowering quotes without forgetting her generous heart and dedication to her craft.

She has become such a good role model to not just the youth based in Africa, but also based worldwide. Her constant reminder that "you can do anything you put your mind into" and "believe in yourself", or even encouraging women and young girls to "feel good within their own skin", promoting a “body positive” mindset, is the way forward for this generation to come.
Some would say "She's super lucky"...

She says: "All this has nothing to do with luck, I am just very determined to utilize the gifts, God has blessed me with, to propel myself to higher heights in life. I am very focused, and most importantly I am super Hard Working and I practice what I preach"...

Miss-K wearing African Ankara
Furthermore, Miss-K does not disappoint when it comes to empowering the youth via her daily updates on social media...
As we have been following her world, @misskworld.

Whether it’s to empower them to love themselves first, and gain confidence by embracing their looks and every bit of their body parts (in her case, it's her curves), and empowering them to believe in their ability to achieve their own dreams by creating new opportunities for themselves, indeed, the youth cannot miss out by looking up to such fashion Icon, a leading visionary.

Some few other quotes from the world leader herself that will also surely inspire you, read them below.

"Your beauty will only take you, where your character can keep you". Miss-K

"I have always said…over and over again...Don't be scared to create your OWN OPPORTUNITIES...
you hold the POWER to your DESTINY...Don't be shy to ask...Don't be scared to start a conversation...Don't be in your head…people CAN NOT READ YOUR MIND.
If you want to get something in Life, speak it into the universe and you will see it manifest itself.." - Miss-K

"90% of the time. Opportunities won't come to you unless you create them for yourself First! Then and only then, once you have, people will start looking for you. So you too can 1 day be working with Big Brands...I am proud of so many I know from this industry who will vouch for the afore mentioned. Talent is EXCELLENT but it's not enough...Having that "Go getter "Attitude"...is what you need, in order to give your career some "Altitude"...Yep, that special spice is very much needed to succeed...I am so proud of my industry fellows for still working on their dreams daily…ask any entrepreneurs around you, they will tell you that it takes years to develop a brand. So be inspired! "Miss-K

"Don't you dare Hate others for their success, Stay Confident...Stay Great and most importantly, dare to begin."Miss-K

"Dream Big…but be ready to work hard at it…and most importantly stay FOCUSED."Miss-K

“It's so good to dream…I have dreamed many dreams before which have manifested before me...I wanted to be a fashion Model pushing the curve agenda to the world and so I became...I wanted to appear on a billboard  & cover magazines…and so I did.I wanted to give back to my less privileged African brothers & sisters and so it is…just because I believe, knowing that if I #dreamed the impossible dream, and worked hard enough for it, my dreams will come true."Miss-K

"Life teaches you LESSONS on the daily...be humble enough to learn..receive..and most importantly be willing to NOT only acknowledge your STRENGTHS but also your WEAKNESSES..This will help polish the MASTERPIECE you ALREADY ARE !!! THINK GOLDEN...STAY GOLDEN!" Miss-K


"I NEVER FEAR to DREAM BIGGER than my previous Dreams...God has been my rock, my protector, my guide, my teacher. I've been blessed indeed & still am…Grateful because with God there is nothing I CAN NOT ACHIEVE."Miss-K


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