" Spend More on your Education, Church, Mosque or Invest on People" - UN Peace Ambassador Engr Noah Dallaji Warns Youths on Global Recession

" The future you cannot picture is blurred future"

A united Nations peace ambassador and global youths leader, Engr Noah  Dallaji has warned the young generations of future leaders to shun frivolities and fake lifestyles and   focus more on their future

Speaking on his capacity as founder and president of African children  talent development foundation (ACTDF) Dallaji said" The recession is global and our youths must learn from now to shun frivolities and loud lifestyle and unnecessary spending and save for future

" If they must spend carelessly,they must learn to spend on self development.. Like education or  by giving to worthy causes like their churches, mosques  or invest in their fellow mortals than wasting money on fast lifestyles "

Dallaji pledge to release details of the forth coming national talent development hunt, a project that is heavily supported by the UN Global Sustainable goals

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