King Karibo AKA " The Voice": Man Behind King Palace Foundations Speaks to you On Time & Change

He is most charismatic
He is eloquent
He is God loving
Perhaps these are three words to use in aptly describing him

If he speaks at any gathering at home or abroad.. Be sure to be with your pen and notes to get the best of him

Only today, World Leaders platform was guest to one of his motivating sessions

Hear his frank stand on " Time & Change"

*"The great performer of his time Michael Jackson once said to change the  world you must change the man in mirror

" Now I tell you.. If the change outside change you ,you have not started.. If people around you change you ,you still not in the mix...real change must start from inside of you.. It must start from inside your mind before going outside

* On Appointment
" Life is all about appointment.. You can fix appointment
- you can cancel appointment
you can re shedule appointments etc
In essence life is all about appointment as regards date and time
" Our duty is to ask God to help us number our days for time and change is man's two great purpose on earth"
- That is Pastor  King Karibo for you.... More robust insightful pieces on this king shortly

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