NO SUBSTITUTE TO HARDWORK : EX PRESIDENT OBASANJO GETS A RARE DEFENDER IN MAN WITH VOICE, KING KARIBO,SUBMITS :..... " It is only logical to teach hardwork as the only way to miracle"


"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work" -Colin Powell


Not so long ago, very outspoken former President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo attacked vast majority of today's men of God, for preaching prosperity, wealth and more prosperity without backing it up, on need for extreme  hard work and prayer

For his frank stand, many attacked the former leader, but months after, a Voice.a respected big stage speaker  based in Abuja, Pastor King Karibo of the fast growing KINGS PALACE MINISTRY has come out to defend the two time head of stage and commander in chief, Obasanjo

Speaking in a special youth for success interview, King Karibo, sided Obasanjo and advised men of God to always tell their flocks more of hard work as they tell them of faith and miracle,as there is no substitute to hard work and action, you will recall what our late PAPA IDAHOSA
said of faith as not being superstition or inaction, but Action and more action, so on that I  agree  WITH ex president Obasanjo

Pressing further, we asked him benefit youths can derive from hard work, he was emphatic on 3 cardinal point

.*Hard Work Builds Character –  I can tell you hard work build character, . If we can’t have something in 5 minutes we don’t want it. And if getting it is hard, forget it! But hard work builds character. You learn discipline. You learn to focus. You learn to manage your time and your resources. You learn to ignore the critics who are telling you it can’t be done. Don’t be a quitter. Quitting is easy. Giving up is easy! But EASY never builds character. Strong character is built the same way strong muscles are build – Hard Work! Success – you see – isn’t the greatest reward of hard work. Character is more important than success. And hard work builds character.

*Beyond that, i can tell you  Hard Work Gets Results – It  ALWAYS accomplishes something. It might be you learn something. It might be you build something. It might be you change something. But had work always gets results. It has been said “Some people dream of success… while others wake up and work hard at it.” Laziness doesn’t result in anything but wasted time and resources. Do you want to see something happen? Work hard. I like the way Abraham Lincoln put it “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”

* From days of Bible in old testament, to now, we can see that Hard Work Draws Attention – I tell my members and where I speak around , "Do you Want to get noticed? Work hard. The diligent stand out. We live in a culture that increasingly encourages and fosters minimal effort. Want to turn some heads today? Give 110% to whatever you are doing. It doesn’t matter how many talents you have, or what you are called to do, do it with passion! Give it your heart! And soon the world will be watching. 

" For even the greatest King Solomon said " see a man diligent in his work? he will serve before Kings not ordinarily men "


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