Child for Success Advocate, Boma George Writes For Future champions……..Wants Global Youths to Be Time Oriented

“My advice for young writers? All glory comes from daring to begin.”

Ruskin Bond, Scenes from a Writer's Life Best way to have a Meaningful life as a youth

 BY  Boma Vicky George.. 

In Nigeria and most African Nations, youth Economy Empowerment is one of the biggest problems.
Lack of employment has contributed negatively to the lives of the youth...
The syndrome of get rich quick has affected loads of youths in recent time... Youths no longer want to do it right any more. They either go into Drugs, human trafficking, kidnapping, internet fraud etc...
But there is a way out of this bad stigma.
While seated in my apartment
Lot came on my mind. These youths can gain freedom.
The 1st Stage is to realize there is a problem
2nd Stage is to realize there is a Solution.

The only thing that is constant in Life is Change
1st step is
a. The Youths must stay motivated, they must engage into something inspirational books...attend seminars and workshop
b. The Youths must avoid NEGATIVE peers-the bible says that evil communication corrupts good manner.
C. Indulge in Meaningful things... the youths should indulge in Meaningful things that can add value to their lives...they must do the right things etc doing the vocational jobs, crafting (For the females, learn how to cook  every day people go to the restaurant to buy food-opening a restaurant might be expensive but you can cook and Huck it on the street.
4. Avoid drugs and Alcoholism. As youths avoiding this will enhance your will make you to be focus. And will give your life a divine direction.
5. Study the word of God- and pray regularly

is an Information Administrator @ Rivers State Liaison Office Lagos
She is also, head of Inspirational reporting  @ G. Cerrutti Media /WORLD LEADERS.


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