Financial Freedom Grass To Grace Personality: 7 Key Lessons You Must Learn From Mudi Africa Today

Respected big global stage speaker, William Feather was most categorical when he warned" Success is matter of hanging on when others have let go"

Today a lot has been said about Mudi Clement Enajeme( Mudi Africa for short) the multi talented designer and business man who was born poor but has today turned his talent to fortune

In our usual style, World Leaders. Com presents to you seven key point you must..note about the early days and essence today of this artistic designer

• Nobody influenced him and had no conventional master, for when he wanted to start his fashion career he went to Vivid Imagination, Maufechi and Sofisticat and they all declined saying " No vacancy"

• He sees himself as natural artist and often argued that" the ability to develop whatever God has deposited in you is the only meal ticket you need to win in life hence the need to keep inventing / investing in yourself

• He often gets stark broke... And this often occurred anytime he goes to other countries to open a new branch cause often with no bank loan, he closes his account and convert all the money to dollars

• Mudi is a very early bird... Often wakes as early as 4.30 a.m and by 7 he must be in office as his philosophy is to reduce before all his staffs- that puts him in a very vantage position psychologically

• He sees himself as Nigeria's brand or image ambassador because there are many false and negative image of Nigeria abroad and more in Africa.. So anytime he opens new branch the people out there heave a sigh of relieve that at least not all Nigerians are criminal or drug barons

* Exclusively reported by best selling word Smith: Chief Cerutti Osagie- a Mudi connoisseurs
He can be contacted for exclusive speaking engagement or global Media consulting project via
Wasap # +234 7042631895


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