World Leaders • Business Magnate's Advice For Future Leaders

∆ Special Guest • Emeka Okwuosa- wealthy & influential oil magnate .

Founder CEO Oilserv Limited & Frazimex Energy services- the first Nigeria indigenous company to own and operate Swamp Drilling rigs

* His tips is courtesy Esohe 

His advice to future champions...
"The future leaders or magnate's must first make sure they have the capacity and if they don't,they must build it up

" They must be determined to work  very hard and know clearly that nothing is impossible! Anyone can achieve what they set their mind on in life - what is important is to do your best at all times and this means you accept that little is achieved without hard for it.And even if that were the case, such success only last so long.. 

What really last long is conscious build up in a very organized way because opportunities are too numerous out there for the taking. If you don't succeed today, try again tommoro for quitters never win and winners never quit "

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