Special Quality Announcement From Silky Touch Emporium: Why You Must Choose Quality Shoes Over Quantity

When Ogbueffi Victor Okolie,President / CEO released a robust quote 
on Quality deserving higher price tags

...many were held aback and amazed that the connoisseur is also a style orator

Today he is our guest again- this time, he speaks why you must go for quality shoes than quantity

~Quality, he said  is the key to creating a stellar style for today's men of purpose, and even if you only have a few pieces- you good to go.

He gave 3 reasons to opt for quality

• Cost Efficient

It’s hard to believe, but spending that large amount of cash on a high-quality pair of shoes is more cost efficient than buying several pairs of cheap foot wears. Why? Cheap things like shoes are  not made as well as expensive ones, and will therefore wear out faster. This means you’ll be back at the store within a few months to buy another cheaply made  piece. Instead, invest your money in a quality piece that will last you a long time!

•Personal Style 

If you’re seeking to develop a personal style,choosing a few quality shoes  is actually better than choosing several cheap items. By
purchasing quality pieces, you’ll consider more thoughtfully what you like and don’t like. This will also help you figure out what colors and sleek shapes  look best on you too.

•Long Wearing

Similar to number one on our list, quality shoes will last much longer than cheap ones. The materials used in quality fashion pieces are more durable against everyday wear and tear.

*"If the QUALITY is BETTER the PRICE should be


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