Prolific Sunday People: A Passion For Praising God-Meet The Young And Striking Rejoice Otuya

She got some class and Grace that when on stage can make you look at her again and again

Her name is  Rejoice Otuya - a Benin in Edo state, Nigeria based  gospel singer and an inspirational songwriter

First day this word smith saw her played on stage, he was - like most first timers- mesmerised by her talent and invited her over for a mild prolific Sunday chat - it's a  "Czar of letters"Cerutti Osagie signature efforts for World Leaders. Com - enjoy the brief part one piecepiece

Cerutti (C)
We heard that your  first single titled "EZEMO" which she featured the sensational WATI was  not a bad deput, tell us briefly about you

Rejoice (R)
Thank you so very much for efforts to tell the world about full name is Rejoice Otuya and am the first child of my  parents. I was born in Benin city and still reside here

C: Beside singing, what are your other qualities?

R: Am born versatile...I have many  Other qualities - all to God's praises and some of these qualities  are "Reading, acting, writing and dancing".I can do each of the above mentioned qualities at will, it is gift from above

C: How did you began displaying your God giving talent?

R: I actually  started music at a very tender age as a chorister in my  church and through that medium I  was able to bless lives, but I officially started music as a career in the year 2015. Within that year and the next I was able to release two singles titled " EZEMO " and "GREAT GOD", and today am  currently working on another amazing work  titled " HALLELUJAH ".

C: You had option to do R&B or other popular club mix type of music.. Why did you chose gospel?

A: Many who watched me on stage often asks such too
My reply is  simple , I chose gospel music because my  main aim of singing gospel music is to bring back souls to the kingdom of God which is the mission of every living being. I think that is my area of callingcalling

C: You got some stage charisma, what is the secret?

 The secret of my  stage talent is based mainly on " prayer, fasting and consistent rehearsals " I do the three as convenient and necessary self imposed task and it often pays off

C: Who do you admire in the world of gospel?

R: I love and regard a brand of global repute highly and my  dream is to be more or like our gospel mother Kim Burrel.  I follow her a lot and am cocksure that with the grace of God if I continue to have Kim as my role model I will surely  get to the top sooner than expected"

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