Five Key • Bullet Points Every Young Aspiring Millionaire Must Key Into

Last week, young Lagos based entrepreneur and youths leader, Prince Tunde Bello called World leaders • com sites and request for inspiring words on art of goal settings

Today, we have gone to the archives to get the best five tips for him and few others- you may not get this anyhow

• " Failing to set goals is like a journey of life.. What can easily take you an hour to do will eventually take your five hours simply because you lack proper information to get there "

•"Every successful persons know where they are heading because they set out their goals and focus their attention solely on achieving those goals

•,"Any goal that is not written down is only a wish..therefore it is very critical to have all your goals written down for that is the starting point of all major achievement in life "

• "The art of setting your goals is like creating your future in advance with your hands"

•" To achieve any goal in life - big or small- requires self discipline, hard work, focus,and tenacity in all same measure, but those who wants to run from these elements and not pay the price of success should not bother to write or set any goal down- they should save themselves of some headache "

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* Special thanks to: M.Cormak, author of "What they won't teach you at Harvard business school.


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