BARRISTER EZEOBI CHINEDU,CHAIRMAN IKOTA SHOPPING COMPLEX:" I admire Morrissons, but BlueWaters London is what I dream of for Ikota Shopping Mall "


 Over the weekend, we posted a business strategy story about the famous Morrison's supermarket that started from a small family market in 1899 and is still waxing strong, feeding millions of people consistently

It was big exposé and many wonferd if supermarket business can last long in some West African nations like Nigeria?

We decided to go and get views of supermarket experts.. It was not easy task and  tracking down fire brand Barrister Ezeobi Chinedu is not an tea party. 

You must persevere to the end to win his node for an interview date with  the sharp speaking barrister cum.chairman of ikota shopping complex, arguably one of the biggest shopping mall around today

Barrister Chinedu. Who is an accomplished lawyer and joint founder of a law firm Ezeobi & Ezeobi solicitors with specialties in corporate practice property law and litigation who was appointed a notary public of Nigeria by the country's chief justice many years ago

A man who is blessed with intense business acumen, Barrister Chinedu is regarded as man withat

  • mmense business ideas knows no limit and his visible talent and abilities brought him immense gold and to notice of companies in which he either bring his law expertise or business acumen to bear

Barrister Chinedu whose ambitious drive to take Ikota shopping complex to match international standard remains legendary agreed that supermarket business do not last must in Nigeria because majority of the owners are in it to make quick money rather than being inside based on passion

On his vision, he said"My aspiration is to see that we hold our own and our head high even in midst of upcoming malls like shop rite and co, you will agree with me that all these new complex cannot be compared with ikota which is a one stop shopping center that you come and get anything you desire, 
we have seen and had many who visited here confessing that with place like ikota they no more need to travel to shop abroad again, we admire blue waters of London and want ikota to be like that
" Yes Morrisson is super but Bluewaters idea of supermarket business is world class and I hope Africa, will learn from them" he said


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