Emeritus Archbishop of Lagos' High Regard For Tinubu @ 65 Evolves To A Token Poem On True Friendship

True friends :A gift from God

By chief Cerutti OSAGIE 

Brought to you Courtesy:
 MUDI Africa

"It is a big gift to have genuine friendship by your side

Genuine friendship is blessing to behold

I have seen friends like Brutus... Like Judas Iscariot etc

And like king Solomon will say ' better I stay alone in desert or roof top than stay with such ' friends' eat breakfast with you and at dinner betray you

Friends like king David ,& Jonathan I admire.... Friends like cardinal Okojie/ Asiwaju Tinubu I admireadmire

On The Asiwajus historic 65th birthday, Cardinal Okojie In this special described De lion of bourdilon as a most reliable mortal @ http://worldindustryleaders.blogspot.com.ng/2017/04/prolific-sunday-people-why-emeritus.html?m=1.. Such is type of friendship we must pray for"

* Award winnng
OSAGIE ,the word smith of this token poem is professional   cum  prolific writer  author & exclusive speaker

~ He can be contacted simply via : youngchief@yahoo.com


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