Young Nigeria PRI Madona Booboosha Positively Projecting Africa's Image Abroad... Set for 2017 Film Festival In Auckland

All is now set for the grand   Newton's film festival billed for March 5th 2017/in far away picturesque city of Auckland

And true to our earlier report, fast rising African music success story Booboosha is listed as one of the entertainers on the bill to perform at the opening night

We can tell you that she will be dashing to Auckland anytime from now

And elated booboosha called the czar of letters earlier and said she is good to go

  " I thank God for this new break " she postulated " the producers labelled me as the young  African eyes abroad and said they are eager to welcome me "

Booboosha was to confess that  whenever she plays in a foreign land is like she is representing the entire continent of Africa in new Zealand and such will be the case again when come 5th of March Newtown festival alongside follow by the Africa films festivals in Auckland to entertain global guest, and more.

No doubt this young diva is positively projecting Nigeria image abroad

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