Wednesday Peak Inspiration: How Young Future Moguls Can Posses Discipline & Iron Hand in the Pursuit Of Economic Success- The Adamu Yola Case Study

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In his award winning international best seller classic book, Nigerian born African- American author and entrepreneur Chika Onyani warned on page 35 chapter 4 of the book: Capitalist Nigger that " You must posses great discipline and iron hand if you are to succeed in this world

For a capitalist nigger must embody ruthlessness in pursuit of excellence in his drive  towards achieving his goal of being an economic warrior.
Onyani argued that such candidate must be honestly ruthless with himself  if he is to abandon the garbage that Africans carry almost all their lives even to their graves... For the notion that somebody owes one something must be deleted

In his findings, the respected Onyani spoke of the ruthless pursuit of Excellence and possession of discipline and iron hand if one is to make it genuinely and legitimately in life .
How can one ruthlessly pursue excellence spiced with discipline in the life we live today? How can the young men and women today benefit fro this Onyani case study and use it to their future  benefit?

Abuja based big stage conference speaker and motivator, Yakubu Adamu Bako is an expert in the school of discipline en- rout to the top and only recently spoke  on this topic at the FWC Abuja-he was pint blank how indiscipline and inaction has ruined many potential would have been millionaires

HERE we present few of his key poijts in bullet form for your delight from the action expert, Adamu Yola

* Life will throw troubles to you from everywhere and we cannot afford to quit, that is life, trouble will surely come be you the rich, or the poor or average, there will always be trouble b note, beyond the dark cloud there is a silver-limning

* In life, action and discipline are the 2 factors that differentiates the successful and unsuccessful and if you desire to gain excellence in life, if you desire economic emancipation and financial freedom, you must endeavor to be man of action with discipline  as your life catch word

* It is foolish for future champions to say they have faith and they desire this and that only through faith, it is foolish to have faith and not back it with action and self discipline, to have faith and no action plan is height of foolishness and God Himself love it when we pit faith in practice by hard work

*God , by examples  in the holy book, detest loud dreamers and mere talkers who lack action, He Himself God is God of action-He derive joy when we play our part and are eager for Him to play His part, that is the ultimate key to greatness

* But when we dream and seat down we have a big problem, we must play our part first, look at David  ad Goliath, David spoke big of his dram to kill Goliath but did not  fold his hand, he device a plan and took his plan to God, he solely depended on God and said if he will die let him die, he had 3 weapons: Faith, Action plan and total dependence on GOD, AT THE END HE BROUGHT GOLIATH AND THE ENTIRE PHILISTINES  ONTO THEIR KNEES

That is positive action speaker, Adamu Yola of FCW for you, keep speaking faith and keep backing it with action


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