CAF Top Seat: The rise of Amaju Pinnick, fall of Anjorin & Lessons From The David and Goliath Epic

" You can get it all but not just all at once "- Oprah Winfrey

History was made late last week when Nigeria won a prestigious seat at the Confederation of African football (CAF) executive seat

The Nigerian representative soccer technocrat Amaju Pinnick had floored Benin republic king pin Alhaji Anjorin by a wild magin of  32 votes to 17

It was a replica of the proverbial David and Goliath story because before the election, the Benin Anjorin had openly blasted Pinnick as soccer " small boy "

Pinnick then had refused to react but said he will rather plan decent strategies than attack his opponent in media... He has finally been vindicated and he is today rated like a beautiful bridebride

We say big congrats to Pinnick and present this historic lesson from the David and Goliath story, brought to you by Cerutti media outlets with courtesy 

Africa designs. Enjoy it and face your Goliath today

Lessons Learned From A Study Of David and GoliathGoliath

Goliath had everything going for him.  He had every advantage possible.  He had great ability and he was trained, equipped, experienced, battle tested and battle hardened, and he was completely fearless.  He was totally confident but it could also be said that he was overconfident.
David had no armor, no experience, no equipment, he was not battle tested, nor was he trained.  But one thing he had that Goliath also had was confidence but the huge difference was his confidence was in His God and not in his own strength. David looked Goliath square in the eye because He knew that God was with Him in this battle and if God is for you, who can fight against you  The obvious answer is no one.
The question comes up about why David picked up five smooth stones?  Was this in case he missed the first time?  Did he want back up supplies in the event he needed to strike him twice or a third time?  No, there is a good explanation for this.  Goliath was not the only one of his kind.  Goliath had brothers plus there were other descendants of gigantic men from o from the same place that Goliath had came from   Apparently David was ready in the event any of Goliath’s brothers came with him or any other of the other so-called giants came from Gath.  David did what we are to do.  He made provisions for the future and was ready for any trouble in advance but he still relied on and trust in God to fight the battle for him.  God is sovereign.  The stone that killed Goliath hit him in the only vulnerable spot there was and that was right in the middle of his forehead .  Notice that David didn’t wait for Goliath to come to him, he ran straight on into the battle and it was not only that he ran but he ran quickly right into the heat of the battle. He had no fear because He trusted God completely.

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