After A Record 25 Years Rocking The Big Stage.. Super Female Compere , Mandy' Speaks on The 3 Qualities Of "Her Dream man from God"

The greatest king.. And wisest man that ever lived ~ King Solomon was explicit on tips on how to get our heart desires when he said " As one thinketh.... So he becomes "

Such is the case with super female compere Mandy who is set to host the world as she Marks 25 years on stage

Speaking exclusively to Cerutti media outlets ~ luxury unit ~ she confessed "Am super excited that am celebrating 25 yrs on stage,  not just as Mandy the entertainer but that one day my name will be written on the halls of fame of Comedy as Nigerian 1st female comedian".

What a journey! So how was first move? We chipped in?
" Thanks chief OSAGIE... Really , I took my 1st step into becoming a comedienne at the 1st ever girls night out show by Ayo animashum, and to give back to the industry I will be putting up an all female performing event on the 9th of April at the civic center,so please tell the world to storm Lagos for it o"

•25 years on stage and still single, we were bold to ask her the 3 qualities she asked God for her future dream man!
*** Qualities?
So bold a lady , she posited " The most important is he should be born again, a man that fears the lord is the only kind of man my heart will melt for No be the fake born again ooooo...
2:"He should have a large heart,  to love me  and love my daughter like his own cos if him too get kids I will love them and my daughter equally
*3 :"He should be a giver cause am a giver, I hate I when a man goes, how can you give out that car? or how can you give out all you have to that family?  Am selfless I Don't care about me, I take delight in helping but when you are a giver and your man is not you end up always argueing.. I hate argument, I will never stand that " she confessed

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