‘Liberty is the right to discipline oneself in order not to be disciplined by others’’…CLEMENCEAU

Cerutti M Osagie, "Czar of letter’’.

Dr Robert Waddle was most categorical IN his submission on the revered word called PRESTIGE when he summed that ‘Prestige is the reputation of victory’’

In Africa as a whole and Nigeria in particular, when matters of modern day top flight politics and business people is being talked about, one name that is synonymous to the prestige in victory sign is the man called Asiwaju Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu aka DE

That Nigerians clamored for CHANGE and now basking in high level CHANGE is a task made possible with efforts of a tight team tag which is made up of men like Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

In one of his historic quote shortly before the 2015 general elections that saw the then opposition party APC taken over power in Nigeria and recorded by this wordsmith, the Asiwaju posited that: ‘ Power is not served to you on platter of gold, the way you go to a Chinese restaurant and ask the waiter to give you a Chinese cuisine, you must work hard, strategies all night and all day and take power by force, it is not a wish list affair, it is a must do affair for you to get it’’

That is political strategist for you; today power has finally changed hands, but beyond the prestige attached to the political change of baton, who is the man Asiwaju? What are the secret of his success? What are his essential elements?

In a most elaborate down to earth exclusive interview with one of Asiwaju’s trusted political sons and protégé in person of media practitioner cum Senator Babafemi Ojudu
REVEALED TO US the top secrets of the Asiwaju -A piece dedicated as his 65th birthday gift from CERUTTI MEDIA/WORLD INDUSTRY LEADERS ONLINE MAGAZINE . Enjoy the excerpt in bullet point


In the words of Senator Ojudu ‘the number one secret of Asiwaju’s success is an undying passion in whatever he finds his hands to do

‘From the word go, he has developed and applied the biblical law to his life which says: FIND A MAN WHO IS DILIGENT IN HIS WORK HE WILL SERVE BEFORE KINGS NOT ORDINARY MEN’’

‘Asiwaju sees passion as a bigger word for diligence and anything he does all his life he has applied massive passion into it and won big and that is why her has always been a man of First, he rose from grass to be the top man in TEXACO, when he quit to play politics, he used the word passion to emerge as one of the earliest NADECO leaders and later Governor of Lagos state, it was that same passion that led him to be one of the early ,men to turn LAGOS into a now cosmopolitan city , he always tells us that nothing can beat your passion for your work


Senator Ojudu was most categorical when he described why Asiwaju now roost on top of Nigerian political battle field as APC National leader

‘’He, Asiwaju believes in the principle that it is not vital for the left hand to always know what the right hands does, and I can tell you that long before he became the Governor of Lagos, he has been touching the lives of many countless people. Even as a kid growing up whenever his mother gives him money he shears it among all his class mate that have no money, that was his reputation as a youth, even food he shares

‘’Even as the boss of TEXACO, welfare of all and sundry was his hallmark, the whites talk of his large heart, the blacks also do, it is no surprise then when he decided to play active politics all the good will from north ,east and south followed him to the political battlefield

‘’I recall another case study when the late Gen Fejuyi family had issue with their home, the new s got to Asiwaju, he simply made a call and a design was shown him by an architect, in no time a house was built and donated to the widow of the late general, that is how far Asiwaju can go to touch lives


The revered oxford dictionary describes a workaholic as a person who compulsively works hard and long hours. AND that is Asiwaju for you, he thrives on working when others sleep, all he has achieved in life is work did when others sleep, he is in meetings till dawn, he once told us that to be great we must use the middle of nights very well


Asiwaju Bola Tinubu understood something that a lot of people try to do but find it hard to do, he is Muslim but die snot discriminate on religion, his wife Senator Remi Tinubu attends churches, he does not help you and give you break or job based on religion but on ability, he support many Christian and charity curses the way he does to Muslim ones, we must learn from him here

· Apart from all these, Asiwaju also enjoys reading,

watching soccer, mentoring young ones and loves to support young men move to next level, but he must be convinced that they are ambitious and are not fly by night minded people


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