Cassandra Martina Sets To Live A New Dream.......... Steps Into Unprecedented Big Time Hair Business

" In life,you have only THE first 7 seconds to make a lasting impression"
-Giorgio Armani

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Big time Real estate /property player  and fashion connoisseur Cassandra Martina is back to the first love she was born with -fashion and style

Now many years after  being focused  in her property  business both in Nigeria,Abuja and Cape Town,South Africa,the fashion mystic says she is back for good and want to now make women look more classier  from hair to toes

And anytime from  now, ,she will roll out with her ultramodern,never before seen type of hair business to be located in Abuja ,She says of her new venture: " I have always loved the business of looking good, I have  been a designer all my life,it is in born, being a designer gave me all my life break via grace of God.
" Designing is good,but passion is more vital  than money,so my resolve to make second return  to the business of looking good and this time my focus on hair    elements, no women is worth her salt and can move about without a classy hair, YOUR HAIR IS YOUR BIGGEST WEAPON AS LADY SO ,DO NOT JOKE WITH IT" She advised all discerning ladies of class

On her motivation,she confessed Renown  achiever, Albert Eistein once said “ If you can’t see yourself somewhere today, you will end up nowhere” This is big talk from a man, who at 12 had decided within himself that he would be a solver of mysteries of this world, he thought he had problem completing his education because he often failed his examinations, Eistien always knew where he was going and what he wanted from life-he was totally written off as  kid, but ended up as perhaps one of the most intelligent scientist ever
THAT story is not much different from that of the my story today,I have made modest mark in business, now it  is time I leave my passion of making ladies look chic" she quipped  to CERUMEDIA


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