The Day Oyedepo Roared Like A LION to a Swiss Millionaire Lady


Global orator  and servant of God, Bishop Dr David Oyedepo-a man who  consistently every Sunday delivers  messages of hope  in four sessions  and reciting Biblical verses without reading from a notebook or IPAD, has revealed  a rare experience he recently had with a Swiss millionaire lady  came all the way from Europe to his office for miracle
Speaking at a special FINANCIAL BANQUET SERVICE last Sunday, 11th September 2016, the anointed man of God told of his rare encounter with a Swiss millionaire lady who came to him with a condition, using money as bait

In his words “It was an encounter hinged on condition, the rich Swiss lady had came to me at cannan land and said if only I can pray for her and deliver her from what brought her to Nigeria she will give me a lot of money, I was irked and I roared like a Lion and asked her to look all over Cannanland,
do I look like a poor man, hungry and in need of money? I road like lion and let her know that  God have already supplied all my needs and am not in ministry tom make money for many years ago God HAVE told me not to raise money but to raise Men, to raise champions for Christ, that is why you never see me calling people to raise money for one church project or the other, we  are not money raising church but men raising church, after I roared at her, she had no option than to give her life To Christ, I collected not a kobo from her at the end of our encounter, but am glad to lead her to Christ”

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