Bishop Dr Tom Sampson is one in a million man of God that have inspired me in recent times via his practical and faith teachings
Before now, I have been attracted and heavily engrossed to his thunderous and Holy Spirited messages on electronic mass media and most of his crusade in military camouflage reminiscent of a warring military soldier
This peculiar man of GOD is likened to King David, the man after the heart of the Almighty God. A man made after the image and likeness of God, full of auction of the thrice holy God; a man who has touched uncountable souls with just  the spoken word devoid of man -made influence.
I was an attendee of TOTAL WAR CRUSADE a short while ago at the imposing and immaculate Lagos Airport Hotel, where I saw and met with the practicality of the Holy Spirit in action where the sick were relieved of their infirmity through the rooted word of God that protruted out of the tips and heart of the amiable Bishop of the most high, His Grace, Dr Tom Sampson
It will be  tangent if one has not experienced the field marshal of Christ in action particularly doing what he is ordained to do best-an epitome of meekness and humility, radiating in him that has today made him to be loved by all and sundry
A preacher of utmost faith with the likes of Bishop TD Jakes,
our own Bishop
David Oyedepo and “Papa” Pastor Enoch
Adeboye, Bishop Sampson is indeed highly    mighty    through the pulling down of stronghold, subduing fundamental enemies of mankind
Bishop Tom Sampson with all regards to the man of God is a man of panache, full of style with a stunning and gorgeous appearance a bonafide son Of God , his unique touch has earned him great reputation in the committee of Christendom.
A  tither  to  God and  man who is very generous to a fault, meeting people’s needs mentality, emotionally, physically, financially and above all Spiritually, like his master, Jesus Christ
A man who hardly steps out, anytime he steps out, he does with bold step and one of such outing was noticed only last Sunday, 4th September 2016, the turn out of the respected man of God to the 2016 CAMA AWARD was nothing but a Bomb, and to that I will humbly reserve my observations

But what I can specifically stressed is that such observation are facts not fallacy, not sycophancy or praise singing but with undiluted truth about this man of principle. And what really shocked me to my bone marrow on that fateful  at CAMA 7TH Edition was when I made my way like the issue of the proverbial woman of blood, who was bleeding almost all her life and spent almost all her life savings looking for help all to no avail until she met and touched the garment of Jesus Christ
Like the woman with bleeding issue, I was mesmerized by the charm (charisma) displayed by the coming to the 10 DEGREE EVENTS HALL, venue of the event, of  Bishop Sampson, and midway to the event, I walked boldly to the Bishop table in attempt to speak into his ear but was almost aggressively bounced back by one of his bodyguard, but I was covered by “Grace “ and Bishop Sampson, having noticed my  slight resistance with the Bouncer and asked that I  be brought to him, , he wasted no time to commend my ambition and there and then  called one of his able lieutenant for a proper date, which should be channeled through Deacon Ndubuisi, yet another humble mortal with great style
No doubt I am very glad and will be most grateful and delighted to unveil the story of this living legend, and role model to many, whose passion is to touch people’s lives globally, wherever he goes, a vision to also unfold his hidden secret and rise to fame and affluence so that the youths and world at large can learn from his grass to grace story /wealth of spiritual embodiment pretty soon
Thanks for the story and life lesson of the proverbial woman with blood problem that Jesus our master healed

·        By Osagie Mike Cerutti, reporting live @ DE LAGOS 10 DEGREE
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