In the words of the imperial majesty of charity, Mother Theresa “If you cannot feed one hundred people, feed only one”
This is an iconic statement and it is no wonder that recently nominated Nigerians best Public Relations Icon of the decade, Dr Phil OC Osagie, often listed Mother THERESA among the three strongest women in his life
In an elaborate interview with the respected king of Nigeria tabloid, SUN NIGERIA, not too long ago, Dr Osagie listed three women as the greatest force of his life…..
·        His wife, Stella OSAGIE
·        His mother, Titi Patrice &
·        Mother Theresa’s

Perhaps the grace of the three women was catalyst to emerge as the Country’s best PR ICON of the decade
But then, since no man is an island, the grace of such three women may have supported the choice of JSP as best choice to be giving the prestigious honor as the  PR ICON OF THE DECADE
In this elaborate interview, JSP’s executive Director, Mrs. Aderonke Binuyo-Adebule, the lady who collected the award on behalf of her boss and mentor, Dr Phil Osagie was asked inspirational  questions and after effect feelings of JSP’s MD emerging as  the Best PR ICON of the decade ...she was most emphatic in her reverts. Enjoy the excerpt

1.    Tell Us About The Last Award That Your MD Won
Our MD, The Global Strategist of leading Nigerian PR agency, JSP Communications, Dr Phil Osagie has emerged PR Icon of the Decade 2016 within the Public Relations industry. This award was bestowed on him by the International Brand Award Nominees and HSBS Global, at the “Nigeria Brand Award”, event. The award highlighted him for exhibiting impressive leadership and selfless dedication to growing the industry and promoting standards that benefit and protect consumers and clients, and also for meeting strict guidelines. The event is aimed at identifying the ICONIC Brands, Pillars of industries and outstanding achievements of brand personalities across different sectors of the Nigerian economy. The Award was instituted in 2011 to call the attention of both local and international opportunities in Nigeria.

2.  What Does It Mean To The Entire Staff And JSP Brand?
The Award means a lot to the entire JSP staff, and JSP as a brand because it has helped to raise the profile of both the company and her staff. JSP Communications is a specialized Public Relations agency in Nigeria that provides value added public relations and marketing communications services in Nigeria to some of the world’s most admired brands and multibillion dollar corporations. The award confirmed who we say we are. It has helped to increase the confidence of the public towards the company and its staff. JSP’s slogan is Public Relations  with Intelligence’, and for the MD to have won the PR Icon of the Decade, it shows that all that he does, all what he impacts in his staff, and all his contributions to the industry are recognized. Our brand is our business identity. It is defined by how the company and her employees consciously or otherwise portray the business, and how your market then interprets this portrayal. The award received has created a heightened public profile,  increased investor and customer confidence, and improved our standing in the marketplace. It feels good to be identified amongst peers.

3. How Do You Feel When Called To Collect The Award On His Behalf That Night?
 It was really awesome receiving the ‘PR Icon Of The Year Award’ on behalf of the MD of this great company. Our boss feels greatly honoured to be presented with this award, and he is most importantly proud that JSP Communications was identified as one of those who contributed to the recent success stories of Nigeria. We attribute our success to the special  favour of God, the attitude of excellence of our amazing clients and the unparalleled commitment of our staff. It is the team that makes JSP tick.  We shall remain committed to the pursuit of continual improvement and the delivery of PR values in excess of clients expectations."

4. Team Work Is The Norm, How Do You Manage To Handle The Company Affairs In Absence Of Your MD Who Is Emerging Market Global Player?
Inspite of the absence of our MD who is the Emerging Market Global Player, we try to work as a team. We try to manage the company affairs as professionals that we are, by creating and communicating favourable public image through the results that emerges from our work. We maximize our team’s productivity, communication and overall client’s satisfaction.
Internet has also made communication very easy.  Physical absence of our MD has been turned into a great opportunity.   We are able to gain from his exposure as a global player. With internet facility, we are able to reach our MD and Clients in any part of the world without physical presence, and this has been working for us over the years.  What really matters is achieving results! 

5. What Are The Challenges Of Doing PR In Today's Recession Market?
 It is no news that Nigeria is undergoing a period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in GDP in successive quarters of this year. However some of the challenges of carrying out PR business during this period, are Attracting and retaining PR talents,
In a trying and challenging economy such as ours, there will always be that increasing  need for brands to differentiate themselves from the pack and highlight those unique selling points that give them the competitive edge and advantage over others.

6. Any Advice How We Can Use PR To Project Our Often Battered Image As A Nation?
  How we can use PR to project our nation inspite of our battered image is by tackling the image building both from the conceptual and operational points of view. While the conceptual deals with the perception Nigerians have about Nigeria, the operational deals with the perception that other countries have about Nigeria. Since PR is the art of building relationship between the public and a company or other organization or a famous person, while maintainingimages and managing reputations through the media, establishing a two way communication to resolve conflict of interest and understanding based on truth, knowledge and full information, and also between Nigeria and other nations to ensure a positive image. The advent of social media also known as the new media, and the change in communication landscape, has also made PR to produce stronger results in its practice. However, all media of communication to include print, broadcast and digital media will be engaged in a positive manner in order to redeem the image of our dear country, while also sensitizing Nigerians on the need to change their attitudes to rebrand their country.

7. On Personal Note Tell Us About Your Foray In PR?
 On Personal Note I have been in PR practice for over 20 years now, and it’s been interesting and very rewarding. I’ve learnt a lot on the job.  Our business has exposed me to personal interactions with CEO’s of some of the world’s most admired brands that we work for.  I have also been privileged to work on the conceptualization and launch of  great brands like- Name change from PZ Industries to PZ Cussons. Launch of PZ Cusson’s Joy variants. Launch of Apple series in Nigeria, MasterCard Cashless Campaign and Emirates Nigeria.

8. What Advice Do You Have For Young Ladies Or Those Thinking Of Taking A Career In Pr?
 People believe PR is frivolous or just a mere waste of money. Some other believe it is propaganda. Whereas it is not. Others compare it with publicity, but it is actually more than that. As a PR professional you can work either in a PR agency, corporate communications department of any company or Public Affairs/Information Unit of any organization. Being a professional course, PR requires special skills such as; writing skills, listening skills, excellent communication skills, creative/thinking skills, skills in the social media(digital PR), thoroughness,  speed skills, boldness/confidence, flexibility skills in order to attend to immediate gratification from client, Global mindset, Ability to adapt to new technologies, strong vision, desire for personal growth, leadership skills, team spirit, all amongst others. However my advice for young graduates considering the PR career path is that Be focus, hardworking, determined, thorough, deadline conscious, detailed, proffer quick solutions, have passion for the job, honest, friendly, humble, build relationships, etc

9. How Do You Manage To Combine Work, Family And Day To Day Business?
 Combining work, family and Day To Day Business is not easy, but the internet has made everything  soeasy and made the world a global village.

After the day’s job, I go home to carry out my responsibility as a wife and a mother. 
The job is so flexible that sometimes I can easily work from home.  I can read and respond to urgent mails and make phone calls where necessary.  I can also meet my client’s needs even from the comfort of my home!

10. Last Word to The World…………………….

My Last Word to the World is that PR is a profession/career and not just a job. It entails Reputation Management which means the PR professional must monitor the media for any news about his/her client (good or bad), Generate press releases and feature stories to portray client in good light and send to the media for use on print and online pages, Send advisory to client on the way forward in the event of any bad news making the headlines against his/her client, engage in environmental scan in the industry where client operates for possible creative ideas, represents client as the spokesperson in any form of communication, manages crises that could lead to loss for the client, launch products, events management, issue creation, all amongst others.



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