Future billionaires /leadership LIFE LESSON SERIES 

“The people that make it in life, they look around for circumstances that they want and if they can’t find them, they create them-Lord George Bonnard Shaw

His Excellency, Evangelist, Chief Immanuel Emoefe is not just a reputable business  man and globally recognized philanthropist  but also  the Honorary Consul of the Honorary Consulate of Guinea Bissau in Nigeria, he stands also as role model to many not born with silver spoon

Last week, we started a series on his life lessons to global youths, and in the first segment he spoke on need for men on rise to seek for a standard regular income in life before bringing a woman to their home as wife

It is a regular series aimed to motivate your Monday and new week, and now, in this second series, Chief Emoefe speaks on the place of gift specially giving to each individual by God and how we must maximize it

Hear him “We all have one gift or the other giving us by God, we must, I doubt if god created any man and did not give him or her a gift or two, for example I love water as kid, so today it did not shock many that I make my living from marine business (He is MD/CEO, portplus Limited, a multinational company with primary concern in Petroleum, marine and provision of offshore security)

“My Advice is that men on rise must be alert to their God giving gift, if you have not yet discovered your gift or potentials, you must be humble and go to God in prayers to ask Him what your gift is, He gives all equally a unique type of gift or talent
“Many times when I speak, I make reference to the scripture, and it is obvious that the scripture told us openly that a man’s gift make a way for him, his talent is that which can set him free and ultimately catapult him from nothing to prominence
“It is most pathetic and humiliating at end of the day if we refuse to maximize our God Giving potential, even God will be worried that He gave you ability in some area than others yet you fail to maximize it, don’t be surprise when you meet your creator and He asks you,

“Son, that talent I gave you, how did you use it while ion earth? Did you use it to set yourself free and glorify my name or did you bury it like it is not a big deal?
“My advice to men on rise is to seek their talent and never attempt to hide it, instead it must be deployed  your gift to the maximum level and use it effectively  to make a mark for yourself and generation while alive, it must be developed , it is your tool, it is like cooking knife, you must at every giving time continue to sharpen it and never allow the consciousness of people feeling intimate you, use it, celebrate what you have and with hard work/prayer, nothing will stop your journey to the mountain top

Special Leadership Report by Mike Cerutti Osagie

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