How Fashion Mogul, Dakova Bounced Back After Losing Hundreds of Millions to Mysterious Fire

By mike ceritti osafie

Exactly three months after a mysterious fire gutted his Ebutte Metta, home in Lagos mainland, destroying several brand of items, it is a thing of joy to see how creative fashion  personality, King David Kolawole Vaughan has bounced back
A stop over, at his ebutte Metta workshop saw a beehive of activities going on, with the CEO, just like a military General controlling his mammoth staffs, which are always ever busy with one form of project or the other
“ Am born artist, am restless if am not creating, designing or selling my Dakova BRAND” he confessed to us, adding that, “ Many asked how I  was able to do it, bouncing back, after losing all I saved and worked for, but I always says two things, it is part of my faith in God, who gave me  a never say die spirit and secondly because am surrounded by many reliable friends and clients, who do not just see me as a designer but more of a relative and dependable ally

It can be recalled that during the unfortunate fire incident that took place .. On April 8,2016 fire gutted his factory and house. lost goods and property worth over N200 Million
Close to 15000photograph and pictures of fashion shows/exhibition (105 show/exhibition)videos tapes of 30 year of show.exhibition. cloth. light. T.V.. decoders. sewing/tailor machine, monogram, fridges, generator
Magazine furniture painting, Light, Air conditioner all companies and family Traveling Document passport Birth Certificate. school certificate from primary to tertiary level professional certificate. House. land/properties. Certificate, Award/Honors certificate, plagues. etc


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