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Chief Emmanuel Oluoha has sent words of congratulations, commending legendary former Super Eagles captain, Kanu Nwankwo on his recent decoration by Arsenal FC of England,  as the 13th of all time best Arsenal 50 best playersImage result for thierry henry and kanu nwankwo

According to the KLAT Pharmaceuticals MD/CEO, for Kanu , to be named as the only African on that list and to be rated far above stars like Cole, Wlford and Petit means that Kanu’s place in football history is assured and must be commended while still alive
Says Chief  Oluoha “ In  a  funny world we live in today, where commendation from far and near only comes to big stars when they pass away,  I feel very elated that Kanu is getting his fare share of accolades while still aliveImage result for thierry henry and kanu nwankwo
“It is not only a thing of pride for A Nigerian  and only African to be on that list of 50, it is honor for him to be named as  13th   all time best in a club that has been existing long before his birth, this feat must further go down to act as a motivational capsules to other young Nigerians and Africans as a whole to always give their utmost best while plying their trade in Europe or other parts of the world, it means if you give  total  best the white will honor you with play time and  big bonus, the whites are hardly partial, you are good, you are good, it is like light, it will always shone over darkness Image result for thierry henry and kanu nwankwo 

Chief Oluoha, himself a diehard Arsenal fan, used the opportunity to call on all English Premiership clubs to make it a point of duty to always have African stars in their team list
“African all over the world are die hard lovers of the EPL, it is only logical for sports and business tom have African stars all over the EPL, this will make fans ecstatic to be watching EPL and seeing their country men in action, the Africans are hungry for glory and the more they are giving the opportunity to display their God giving talent the better for EPL” Chief Oluoha enthused

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