Oyedokun: Africa's Fast Rising Motivational Speaker Gets British Break With PowerXtra

By Cerutti Mike Osage

' A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step" This is a very heavy iconic saying and that is perhaps what is happening to Africa's fast growing motivational, big stage and corporate speaker, Tunji Oyedokun.
After years of tireless efforts to build a visible brand, an international break came his way lastly when the highly respectable British Radio "PowerXtra" granted him exclusive live audience to speak to the world.
"It was one of my biggest break so I seized the moment to speak on my hit topic. 10 strategies for achieving success in life, I was amazed by the responses that came in from across the world' he posited to Cerutti media

Tunji Oyedokun: A Brief Profile

Oyetunji Isaiah Oyedokun (Born May 14, 1980), known Professionally as Tunji Oyedokun, is an award-winning Nigerian motivational speaker, writer, teacher, life coach and blogger from Oyo state.
Tunji Oyedokun has gone on in life to learn from his own personal 

experiences in all areas of life. He is changing many lives around the world with his stories of overcoming life challenges and fear to discover his talent and start living his dreams.
As a child, Tunji suffered from a disease that was thought to have affected part of his brain which prevented him from talking for months and also affected his speech. With God and the untiring efforts of his parents he was able to overcome the sickness. The slight impairment in his speech was the fear he had to overcome to become a motivational and inspirational speaker.

The talented Tunji is concerned about people especially teenagers and youths discovering their talents early and pursuing their dreams. He is known for his teaching on how people can live up to their true potential in life and how to achieve success. He also teaches people how to utilise their talents to achieve greatness and impact people's lives positively. He has a dream of becoming a world renowned motivational and inspirational speaker and writer to have come out of Nigeria.

Tunji Oyedokun’s debut motivational video, “How to live up to your true potential in life” was released in June, 2015 and on August 7, 2015 during a phone interview on PowerXtra Radio, UK shared 10 strategies in achieving success in life.



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