Secret of Success Series: 3 Weapon of Diego Someone of Athletico Madrid To Emulate

He was often underrated, but now he is courted like the " beautiful bride of the moment "

That is talking of a man who distinguished himself as player and now a coach, the trojan Diego Pablo Simeone,whom last night took his team to the prestigious European champions league final

Indeed, the Athletico Madrid's success is built on three factor: Determination, humility and extreme sacrifices, so says one of world's most respected handler, Sir Fabio Capelo

Beyond all odds, Simeone took his team to the grand finale, and now revered Capelo insisted " Diego's work ethic is extreme and mixed it well with determination, self
sacrifices and practice the act of humility of the pitch, he is on top of his game because he has been able to infux the three mix into all his players "

* No doubt,we can all learn from the Pablo man

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