It is Supa Thursday @ Shuga Lounge as Eldorado Takes Centre Stage

In the words of one of the respected global property mogul, hotelier, merchant turned politician, Donald John Trump " It is luxury that takes us from ordinary to  extraordinary

And talking about luxury, gone are the days where going out with ones partner is seem as thing of luxury, these days it is now a necessity to take ones partner out

Such outing, study has shown, helps bond partners together and that is why this grand  evening @ the freshly set up  Shuga Lounge  it  is time for A  SUPA Thursday from 7pm to enjoy LIVE MUSIC, high quality drinks & special delicacy in the most pleasant ambiance

Billed tp roll from 7,pm and located  at  Obokun close off johnson st by Dipeolu off Awolowo way (behind Tantalizers fastfood on Allen Roundabout) ikeja.

This might promise to be rare and classy as new act on the block, Eldorado will be dishing out his overload vibes and snippet of his soon to hit town "Personal person" effort

Joy Okhifo Omoyemeh, lady  in charge of affairs told Cerutti Media, luxury unit that  Shuga is place to be...classy, corporate. Good meals and great ambiance


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