Pains of Burning Home : Like Serena Williams; Fashion mogul, Dakova lSpeaks of What he could have loved to take from his burnt edifice

Exclusive Report By 
Cerutti Osagie

There is no doubt about itself, Serena Williams is one of worlds best tennis player and her record speaks for her

She has won several honours off and on the tennis court, and in 2012 her biggest dream was materialise when she sensationally outclassed Maria Sharapova to win the  prestigious Olympic gold medal at the Wimbledon centre court
Months later,  she was asked if  she ever experienced fire burning her home,what item will she greatly wish to take  out from the burning fire?  Here, she was emphatic,saying what she will want yo preserve more than all her  precious property is her Olympic gold

That is her  Defence for you.. Only last week. African great fashion mogul whose home caught fire was asked what he could have loved to take out

He reverted to us:"Oh I regret not taking my master book with measurement of my very discerning clients and secondly I regret not taking off from the burnt home the  piles of old write ups on me by the best of worlds media gold I can buy again, my cloths and shoes I can replace but I cannot replace all my works written on me, I tell you that is some art work of sort" the king of African needle and thread business regretted


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