Woman of Virtue, Nigeria's First Lady, Aisha Buhari Gets rare Happy Birthday accolades from Humanitarian, Miss K

Nigeria's First Lady Aisha Buhari
Legendary Cicero was right when he spoke of power of virtue. In his stand 
" Nothing can take the place of virtue and virtue always has its own reward."

Speaking of women of virtue, the Nigerian First lady Hajia Aisha Buhari easily comes to mind.
Since she assumed office of first lady,not must frivolities and jamboree travels have been seem of her, rather fighting for the cause of the masses and the disadvantage child has been her cause, a case study was when she fought the present government to fulfill the Pre-election promise made to unemployed Nigerian graduates.
Back home, most Nigerians hardly commend her,but on occasion of her landmark birthday last night, a Top Brand Ambassador, Performer and Humanitarian, Miss K, all the way from London, graciously commended the meek First lady and not only wished her long life, but equally proved to be humble enough to not feel threatened by one's beauty,by recognizing and appreciating Aisha Buhari's beautiful features,naming her 
" A Gorgeous First Lady".

Not all the time we see a powerful lady greeting another powerful Lady, but Miss-K did that, describing Hajia Buhari has having a large heart for children,
and in the end wishing her a "joyful happy Birthday."


* Special tribute report by; Cerutti osagie

E: youngchief@yahoo.com


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