Muky Emelda : Meet the three in one lady who wants to rule in all


A popular African proverb warned that " A man does not plan ahead when he is not prepared "

Such saying may be the driving force behind team of young Lagos based business lady Muky Emelda

Not one to waste time in things of no  value, she is enjoying life in three vocation namely her monthly gathering for God tagged: Ladies of Praise ( LOP) where she gathers professional women once a month to praise /talk God all night.

She has also a TV talk show  of which she was quick to point out as a show meant yo restore hope to the hopeless; encourage people to dream again and have the believe that their dreams can come through again and finally  to help youths of today know /learn the value of work ethics against over riches.

Lastly, she is deeply involved in the fast growing network marketing world, with specialty in health/wellness products

Of the three ,she admitted deriving immense joy gathering women to praise God, and confessed that the impact on lives of many has been amazing, and admitted that in future it will be a national program

As regards her network life, she lamented that despite the heavy prospect in the business many Nigerians still see it  with sceptical mindmind

" It is pathetic. They hear network marketing they think it's all about carrying goods about, no,its beyond physical goods, if world richest man, admitted that if he is to start all over,he will try new work marketing then you can imaging 

*Muky Emelda deals with all brand of health/wellness  product and can be reached for business consultations via:



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