Woman of Substance, Justina. Efole Remembered one year. After



One of the world’s greatest writer (wordsmith) ever, the irrepressible sir Williams Shakespeare was point blank categorical on his frank view on the difference between the great and the common people in  death, when he submitted that “When beggars die, there are no comment seen; but even the heavens blazes over the death of prince (or princess)”.
This immortal quote by the world king of pen Shakespeare vividly typified the recently held one year death
remembrance of late Justina Odiase Efole ALSO known as  “ Madam  UPN” that took place at number one Sedeco Street in the ancient city of Warri in Delta State, on Sunday 10th January 2016.
A deeply religious and charity minded woman late Justina Odiase  Efole lived a selfless life during her lifetime on earth and as nature will have it, it was payback time for her, as even in death she was well remembered.The memorial of one year after death commenced exactly 1pm on the faithful Sunday and the procession was coordinated by the LIGHT DELIVERANCE AND MIRACLE Church A.K.A Miracle Centre, Warri.

A carnival like event, the ceremony kicked at exactly 1pm at the Efole country home, with some massive praise worship that proceed the late woman’s favorite song “Count Your Blessings” taken from Psalm 745, before the “Warri Oracle” Apostle Gweke Emma Onoyume.His thought provoking message of the day had the topic “REMEMBERING THE GREAT IN DEATH” and was inspired by the Biblical verse of Philippians 1:3. Which says; I thank my God for you every time I thank of you and every time I pray for you”.

The man of God made few vital point on the late Mrs. Justina Efole stressing that; ‘One thing about remembering the dead who were nice on the earth is based on the fact that when we remember them we are only celebrating the good they did while on earth.

“Another thing about remembering the death is that when we remember the death it is like remembering the death of Jesus Christ principally for all the sacrifice he has made.
He described the deceased as a woman worthy of celebration between the ends of time because she lived a life of Christ, always sacrificing her time to help others.
“She was an epitome of humanity caring, helping the poor and less privilege, feeding visitors, putting up her homes for stranded Stranger to stay and chief of all she was a woman that served God in spirit and in truth and until her death never failed once to thank God all the time both for what she has and even things not yet gotten. She thanked God in advance and at the end of the day such open praises became her greatest weapon all through her life on earth.
At the end of the sermon, the Apostle then invited all the children of the deceased and publicly declared blessing and long life to them, lighting up candles pouring anointed oil and blessing them with salt which he described as an instrument for the children to use to change their world.It was a most elaborate and emotional  laden ceremony the ancient Warri Kingdom will live to remember for a very very long time to come, for its  class of spiritual undertone.

Speaking on behalf of the family in a vote of thanks segment, the Efole eldest child Benedicta Efole  describe her mum as rare breed who always thought them never to jealous anybody on earth, and will often preached the virtues of sharing.

“ Success is nothing if you can’t shear it .You must not only share your money, but your time, your love and even yourself and no she  matter what, always  stay humble” she says  of  her adorable mother

On their part, chief Vincent and Eunice Efole pledged that they will continue  to celebrate virtues of ma Efole so the world can learn

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