Race For Edo top Osadebe Govt House seat: Osaro Omaiwu steps forward... says " Our people. urged me to deliver them"

By. CERUTTI Mike Osage

As the countdown towards the  dicey  2016 governorship election in Edo State continues to gather momentum, a. New twist  ocvured last night  with the sensational entry of Earl Osaro Onaiwu, coordinator, Peoples Democratic Party Governors Forum, PDPGF.

Onaiwu in a letter to stakeholders across the political divide said he decided to join the governorship race owing to overwhelming calls from a broad segment of Edo State, and that he would be denying the people of his services and expertise if he turned down the clarion call.

The statement reads in part: “Several years ago when I started my selfless service to the governors of our beloved country, Nigeria, little did I know that I was entering a territory that will expose me to the inner workings of executive power and the full realization that service is indeed about the people.
“I found out that successful governors are those who realize this, thus embark on legacy projects and policies that will impact people even beyond their time.

“The good people of Edo State, unknown to me were also watching and observing my service to governors and concluded that it was preparation for higher service to them in Edo State.”

The governorship aspirant said he decided to take up the challenge after receiving several calls from elders, youths, women, political and economic stakeholders, at home and in the Diaspora, as well as traditional institution.
“I am therefore privileged to humbly announce that I am joining the governorship race in the 2016 election for Government House, Edo State.
“I am convinced that if elected, failing is not an option, not with the lessons learnt and experience garnered serving state executives over the years has exposed me to what it takes to succeed and be the SOLUTIONS
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