Two of Africa's most powerful amazon,set down for exclusive dinner.
Afro-Caribbean beauty,Brand ambassador, Miss-K and Sierra Leone Tourism Minister, Hon. Kadija Seisay, met to uphold massive potential in tourism.

Miss-K & Hon. Seisay, met twice last week, once during her visit to the world Travel Market, where the political Icon, Hon.Seisay spoke of how she saw the start of a "new future", in her country.
There was clearly a strong bond between the two women ,
as they met again over the weekend for a lengthily friendly dinner.

Miss-K attended the private dinner, wearing a Victorian stylish high collar neck black top with an African print Ankara patchwork skirt, has a Guest of Honor to the Minister Herself, which was held at the Sierra Leone Sate House by the High commissioner, His Excellency Edward Mohammed Turay.

Upon arrival at the mansion,Miss-K welcomed Her Excellency,as they embraced each other warmly before the Minister greeted other guests, such as the High Commissioner himself, along with his Cultural attache, Dr, Seray- Wurie and Sierra Leone Board Tourism General Manager, 
Mr Kargbo, just ahead of proceeding to dinner.

In this occasion the dinner was held to celebrate the Minister's visit to the UK and to mark the day of the Ending to the EBOLA virus, which left close to 4000 people dead in Sierra Leone.
"This will be the beginning of the new future for all of us, provided we can maintain it", Minister Seisay told guests at the table, " We are not on the road yet but we hope to get there as soon as possible with the help and understanding of our friends in the diaspora,by enhancing cooperation coordination between governments, regional and international organisations, the private sector, and civil society actors, to tap the potential of investing in Sierra Leone. Something crucial to the success of the tourism's process is to start this new era welcoming world investors, which will enable a bright future for the country."

Additionally, the High commissioner, Edward Turay, who both belong to the same political party,praised the Minister for the hard work she has achieved so far,  happily expressing his enthusiasm for this  new beginning, before Miss-K herself added in a "careful and calibrated" approach, "if we go forward together, 
i am confident that there will be no turning back to the road of EBOLA and furthermore it will strengthen
 multi-cultural exchange globally."

There is an equally powerful sense that the visit by Honourable Seisay is a game-changer, being one of the highest ranking Sierra Leonean Female official to visit the UK.

Before leaving Miss-K took the time to snaps few shots with tourism board manager, 
Mr Kargbo (below)as they exchanged few pleasantries.

Source; Golden Gist PR. 
Photo credit : Excell pro


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