With 2.5 million up for Grabs, Kc Mordi speaks of massive benefit of Miss Esther Pageantry

With barely three months to the maiden Miss Esther pageant, one of the men behind the dream, Prince Kc Mordi have advised parents and well wishers on need to spure their daughter or relatives to be part of the event

Speaking to us last night, Mordi stated that : " Beyond the N2.5 million up for grab, the event is first of its kind, only clean / Godly dressing that night, no bikinibikini

" There is no better way to glorify women of God like this, so it is vital that  young  girls who think they have what it takes to be the best part of history

" May it also be stated that this event is not denominational affair, it is open for all ladies win  intense fear of God, we pledge to be Godly and decent in choosing the maiden miss Esther " he said

* For further inquiries visit: www.ebp.com

A CZAR CERUTTI Charity reports

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