PAPAS CEO speaks passionstly of His New Charity Ambition

A special Cerutti Media charity report, brought to you by The place /papas,Lekki

Weeks after historically marking his birthday with the poor destitute in Lagos, Lagos based PAPAS entertainment CEO is saying it loud and clear that the event will now be a yearly event

"All my life I make people happy by giving them top notch music and parties, but now its time to give to the poor. Needy around me.

" Often and on I tell myself and those around me that...  It's often said that life's most pertinent question is .. " what are u doing to or for others " ..Particularly people who don't have hope of where to Lay their heads  or where they can call home , hope of where the next meal is coming from, hope of going or sending their kids to school, hope of getting adequate medical care and so on.. 

"So now I want  to day to all please be inspired to live a life of purpose after all " the purpose of life is to live a life of purpose " Remember When its all said and done ... Most critical question is .. What would you be remembered for? Have u held some one's hands lately or before ? If the answer is NO.. Well , you can do well to start now no matter how little.. Not only monetarily "

Must help be  only money to poor? Cerutti media, charity unit asked him. " No, no Some people are down emotionally .. A word of advise or mentorship or just giving a listening ear will go a long way in uplifting a spirit that is down,please let's do our best in our little way to make life better "  assured prince Franklin of PAPAS entertainment


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