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A lot has been said about the beautiful bird called peacock, to some it is elegant, to some it is stylish, while to  the rest  it  is  a  bird that moves with dignity

It is no wonder, in view of all these qualities that Clara Chinwe Okoro decided to choose the pretty bird a sa logo of choice in her new fashion line which will no doubt be a pride for the entire black race
Indeed the  continent of Africa holds such fascinating mysteries explored over centuries, the exotic and alluring vibrancy of its multifaceted nature has been one that enthralls
those who seek its dark pleasures. A continent resplendent with old glories and such fascinating history dotted with conflicting grandeur and dilemma,where poverty and riches exist side by side in dignified parallels,with an energy so pulsating it cuts across you in the atmosphere as one traverses  the continent.
It is the essence of this Continent whose spectacular sunsets and unbelievable  sunrises, whose flow of incredible landscapes that leaves one breathless, bewitching the senses in such  sublime manners that has inspired the birth of this new Fashion brand out of Africa
‘MY BEAUTIFUL AFRICA’ celebrating all the beauty that is reflective of the African continent.
According to Clara ChinweOkoro, Founder and Chief Creative officer , our vision is to design an effortlessly elegant lifestyle that represents the true essence of the spirit of Africa. A brand that seeks to define that untouchable quality that is evident yet not quite understood, visible and yet ethereal,revealing an uncanny attraction that is so magnetic.In creating this brand she delves into the sand dunes of the sahara,the lush spectacles of the greens of the savannah, the striking landscapes of the veld and the breathtaking waterfalls and seas across the continent, the pulsating colors that

drift like aroma’s though the innumerable thick of its populace and the glistening moonlights that defines many unfathomable depths about the continent,a brand she believes is truly reflective of the soul of Africa.
The singular most striking of the brands asset would be the art behind each piece, it would be the signature of the brand, like a piece of Africa and all the beauty it encapsulates. In todays competitive market place an emerging brand is not only challenged by the imperatives of the daily crises caused by customers and a competitive market place, this necessitates the strategy the brand wants to adopt in entering the market place and the niche it wants to carve for itself.
The designs which would be reflective of a cross between the old elegance and modern cuts would be introduced into the market in a RTW range that would debut in it SS15 Collection. Furthermore she states the brand would be  adopting a broad perspective which would enable it be adaptive in responding not only to the actions of competitors, final and intermediate customers and other stakeholders, but also help in designing our reputation which would be our singular most guarded asset and also define our articulated distinguished competitive edge.
Our marketing strategies which are clearly defined would include Fashion Shows, Private viewings, online stores, export, tele-marketing, celebrity endorsements, event hosting, affiliate marketing and a well articulated brand campaign both online and offline.Our sales and retail would be streamlined to make the brand accessible to the followers of its lifestyle,starting with Africa which is our primary market and fanning out to the global market who would want a piece of Africa for themselves.In focusing on the future the ideal for the brand would be to follow its philosophy which is to ''Follow your Heart not the Crowd for it will illuminate the road that lies before you'' #‎Beauty #‎Africa My Beautiful Africa, Pre Launch viewing,coming soon!


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