‘’Without God, My talent And Abilities is nothing but Zero’’ Says oby izagbo of new wave-making event brand, PEARLIZANE EVENTS.

‘’ I rather be first in village than second in Rome’’ was one of Julius Caesar all time best quotes. Now many want to be first also, not just in their village but around the globe
It is not a new story all over the world when it comes to the wonderful things many young Nigerians are doing all over the world. You go to America you see them, you go to Far East they are there, you come to Africa they are trying to be first
Now in Nigeria, a young lady is now setting the pace in the captivating and ruthlessly challenging world of events, you look at her works and you say, this cannot be from an Africa
But yes that is what Pearl or Oby Izagbo  if you wish is doing  in her chosen profession, creating mind blowing works of delightful sight, not  so long ago, CERUTTI MEDIA  was in one of her eye popping events, so carried away we  approached her for a chat, enjoy it

What motivated you to enter the event business  world?
I began my love of planning events while in university. It was there that I started planning family birthdays and other social events. I also had internships while in university and worked for a media house (Channels television) I managed the public relations for what was, when I graduated from university, I did my NYSC and worked with a private company somewhere around chevron drive Lagos. At the same time I was planning different types of events in these capacities such as product launches, press conferences, round tables, catering conferences, and was inspired that I could actually do this for a living.
A few years later, I opened my Company PEARLIZANE EVENTS.
And it got really interesting, gathering my clientele base, and recruiting staffs and the other things that came along with starting a business. In the long run I realized communication is key. It’s all about talking to your team and finding out where the pain points are, understanding your people and what you are asking them to do. An aura of calm is also crucial in this industry. You must instill calmness in your team and you do that by showing your own confidence.
There is real pressure in this industry and you can quickly get away from your strategy at events because you have to respond to people. However, you have to keep that pressure off the team. You must always be responsive, but calm.
It’s also vital to encourage your team to take responsibility. When things go wrong, they gather to engage rather than run away. We always have to deliver..
Who is your major Inspirational force?
Successful leaders in the events sector require a different skill set, by building a winning team and delivering unforgettable experiences.
I am inspired to a journey of success, and my driving force to the secret to successful events is all about a clear vision. My family also  inspire me a lot, my dad is a perfectionist tat push you to be the best and I will say my chief inspirations is God, without God my talent and abilities is nothing but zero
What are the obstacles you have seen so far?

Obstacles remain such as a lack of dependable infrastructure, incompetent vendors, security issues, all-encompassing corruption, trends and market intelligence. But I have been able to explore effective strategies to entering the African/ Nigerian market and mitigating and overcoming risk.   But what I do to overcome these obstacles? Is to first work out what is the worst thing that could happen? When you know that, you can only move forward.
It’s an important message. I consider every facet of an event to make sure it’s a success. The more we do that, the better an event will be.

What is your ambition in the event world?
Respect, admiration, discipline, cohesion and even competition are all attributes of good teams. A competitive environment is not in opposition to a good working environment. Respect and Cohesion are easier to achieve when missions and goals are clearly defined.
 I learnt how to utilize everyone’s emotional intelligence to further my organizations mission/ ambition. Our teams thrive in this competitive environment of events planning. In the corporate / business world we find ourselves working on projects or in teams where we must both cooperate and compete with others.
Pearlizaneevents have learnt to thrive in this pressurized environment and it has given us a great effect on our organization and in the events world.

How would you rate Nigeria’s event compare to overseas?
I think all events are all about vision. You need to know what it will look like and how it will turn out. Understand how it will flow and where the niggles will be. That is a similarity events planning has all over the world. As at the rating, I cannot pin point really, because we have different cultures, policies, wants and packages all over  but I can say Nigeria’s event planners are picking up nicely, and meeting up to some certain unique standards which is impressive.
Advice to the youths who want to venture into event management

Be authentic, straightforward and honest – and take people along with you.
Really appreciate your team and work with them – trust me, no-one wants to do a bad job.
Communication and a clear vision and a key
Be realistic – you can’t always take events to a place they’re not theoretical to be, so nail the outcomes down and don’t try to take a step too far.
Leadership is not about one person – it’s about enabling others to put in and making sure their voice is heard
“It’s never foolish to begin preparing for a transition no matter how many years away it is or where you are in your career,” says Muriel Maignan Wilkins, coauthor of Own the Room: Discover Your Signature Voice to Master Your Leadership Presence. Michael Watkins, the chairman of Genesis Advisers and author of The First 90 Days and Your Next Move, agrees. Not only does the planning help you develop the necessary skills and leadership presence, it also increases your chances of getting the promotion because people will already recognize you as a leader. The key is to take on opportunities now, regardless of your tenure or role. “You can demonstrate leadership at any time no matter what level you start, it will take some time but you will get there
Finally, the way we look after people is also crucial, having respect on both sides. Everyone, from volunteers to speakers, is significant to the success of an event and we at Pearlizane events have to treat them all with the same care and attention. Success is all about people. If you don’t have the people skills, your event will never go anywhere
You are blessed and more than welcome Cerutti Media


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