“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
― Dr. Seuss

We can confirm that young Bukie Smart is at it again.She has sealed a Mega deal to stage her maiden event at posh oriental hotel, WORLD INDUSTRY LEADERS MEDIA  CAN REPORT TODAY
FAME was a idea thought of by the young devoted mind, Bukiie Smart, who has always been passionate
about giving back to the society and no better way than using her love for fashion and music to make her
young dream come through. Through the help and support of her family and best friends, FAME came to
life and preparations for it began in April 2014. The main objective for the event was to promote fashion
and encourage upcoming artists but giving it a competitive edge whereby participants not only had to
show their talent, but convince the judges and audience that they were the best out of the selected few.
Fashion and Music are always a great blend as we have seen in many different concerts, but the
difference FAME brings is its exclusivity, style and class to the elite of the fashion and music industry
through an entertaining show. It gives the participants not only chances to show what they do best, but
gives them the opportunity to be scouted or recruited to kickoff a bright career. Therefore, FAME serves
as a platform of career opportunities and brings about the reality of dreams.
FAME is only a beginning to something greater. Bukiie Smart of Smart Entertainment and her amazing
team are on their own way to FAME.

                                     BRIEF PROFILE : Bukkie, fame beckons
Bukola Smart, popularly known as “Bukiie” or “Bukiiebee” is a lover of all things style. This young and
radiant soul comes from the beautiful Smart family which further compromises of her manager and
mother, Dr Mrs Tonia Smart, her father, Mr Tope Smart and her two supportive elder and younger
brothers, Yemi & Dami Smart. Studying Accounting&Finance in the University of Reading in the United
Kingdom, one might ask how her paths crossed with the fashion and music world.

Rarely known, fashion designing was Bukiie’s first love. She loved how using a few fabrics put together
nicely, one could instantly go from looking “nice” to looking “classy” or “sophisticated”. Dressing up was
always a favourite thing to do growing up and what better way to “feel yourself” than to have your own
private runway show with music! This hidden dream was stored away but never forgotten, as she became
more connected with her "business" side. But after a few months into her first year, Bukiie decided to
reignite the fire of her dreams into the fashion world. As an aspiring philanthropist and entrepreneur, she
looked for a way to match both her dream and the feeding the needs of the society. Thus, FAME was
planted into her young mind, December 2013 and she nurtured it till it was birthed in April 2014. A big
dreamer and a lady of great ambition, she hopes also, to someday become a fashion stylist/consultant
and start her line of clothes taking inspiration from style crushes “Blair Waldorf” from the hit series “Gossip
girl” and “Olivia Pope” from another hit series “Scandal”


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