- From the street of Congo  yesterday; to member, Billionaire club today
Says ‘Young men must sleep less’
Dignity- the seven ­letter word is what today’s men on the rise must learn as one of the country’s frontline business tycoon, Ifeanyi Patrick Ubah takes the centre stage in his landmark 40 years celebration on  earth.
Dignity is what set this self made man apart from the rest. And today, while many men lack it, many have used it to climb to the top of the highest ladder in life.
The great icon of the century, the ULTIMATE man, Nelson Mandela, whom I have never hidden my love and admiration for, once said in prison 'Even though I am in jail, that will not stop me from having my self respect and dignity, because to have dignity in life is to have grace'
·        Today, dignity is now globally regarded as a term used in moral, ethics, and political discussions to signify that a being has an innate right to respect and give regards to ethical treatment. It is an extension of enlightenment-era beliefs that individual's inherent self respect and it is thus closely related to concepts like virtue, respect, self-respect, autonomy, human rights, and enlightened reason. Dignity is a precondition of freedom. Dignity is generally proscriptive and cautionary: in politics it is usually synonymous to 'human dignity', and is used to critique the treatment of oppressed and vulnerable groups and peoples, though in some case has been extended to apply to cultures and sub-cultures, religious beliefs and ideals, animals used for food or research, and even plants. In more colloquial settings it is used to suggest that someone is not receiving a proper degree of respect, or even that they are failing to treat themselves with proper self-respect.
The word "dignity" was first used in the Latin world as dignities, dignity, before the Renaissance then later by the French, and finally the English language. While dignity is a term with a long philosophical history, it is rarely defined outright in political, legal, and scientific discussions.
Today it simply means total self respect and how one carries himself/herself. Many have used their self respect and how they carry themselves to the top, they are classes of pe6ple that never sold themselves cheap despite being born in penury and one of such name is that name called Ifeanyi Patrick Ubah, the amiable Chief Executive Officer Managing Director of Capital Oil and Gas Industries Limited, . The man who entered the downstream sub-sector of the petroleum Industry like a hurricane deferring ball weather obstacle to make an important landing.

Ubah's profile has been on the rise in recent times. And when Capital Oil and Gas today sneezes, other major oil marketers catch cold, given the proactive, aggressive, innovative and strategic steps he took diligently in driving his businesses previously thought are exclusively for the Majors with foreign control. And that is why at the peak of long queues for fuel by Motorists as a result of poor distribution arrangement, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, (NNPC) in appreciation of the company's Investment in jetty, storage and truck park facilities worth over $30 Billion took a wise decision by signing a partnership agreement with Capital Oil and Gas.
Perhaps like a typical Igbo trader, he is a spoiler for petroleum Marketers making cut throat profit from sales of diesel and throughout Fee for storing products at his depots. In just under five years, Ifeanyi Ubah has built one of Nigeria's biggest oil marketing firms from the scratch. Ubah, an accomplished businessman who has been involved in top flight international businesses, has made a huge impact in the oil and gas sector and along the line carting home several awards/accolades .Apart from being an astute and accomplished businessman, Ubah is also a man of soaring style, and unknown too many, a part of his secret to the top is the style he diligently created for himself from his early days in business, especially during his struggling days in Congo. Ubah told us exclusively that what has helped him to the top is the manner he had carried himself from the word go. According to the business mogul, 'In life. (he way you carry yourself will often determine how you are treated on the long run; appearing vulgar or common will make people disrespect you, because a king respects himself and inspires the same sentiment in others' The lesson, we can say is that Ubah is trying to tell us that you can appear regally and confident of yourself thereby making yourself destined for greatness.  Ubah can be said to be a genius sort of, for he knows how to sell himself; a fact he did so well in the CONGO, and ended up becoming friends and associates to the people in high places: he is man who knows how to sell himself, or how else can a man of humble Nigerian background manage to integrate himself to the highest royal aristocratic Congo families. We had better understand this that it is within a man's power to set his own price, but how you carry yourself determines what you think of yourself. In other words, Ifeanyi is telling us' at if you ask for little and present your self as nothing, people will take you as nothing. Thus he says without any fear of contradiction that you can easily present yourself with the Ubah front, buoyancy, confidence and the feeling that you are born to wear the
crown         " Speaking further of his secret, Ubah says he has never sold himself small, but rather cocooned in big thoughts, even when he had not much to eat or spend. He still carried my self with dignity, and spent little to look good, because the world abhors those that look hungry and cheap. In Congo, I never sold myself cheap, I acted like a royal Nigerian son, and from my early days I have exhibited self confidence and class, and added that to my determination to succeed. I invariably found it easy climbing to the very top, blurted the confident Ubah who holds a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc Hons.) degree in International Relations, hails from Nnewi, Anambra State of Nigeria, the origin of the Ikemba of Nnewi, Odumegwu Ojukwu,
And started engaging in business activities in the Democratic Republic 0 Congo and from there, in 2001, he came back to Nigeria to commence active and rewarding investment in the Nigerian oil and gas industry. According To him, he spent four years to study the market and prepared for a bold move that resulted in the creation of Capital Oil and Gas and Inauguration 0 the first depot in March 2007.
Beyond several other achievements, Ubah is being hailed for his feat in the construction of strategic regional petroleum products reserves nationwide recently. The ongoing projects are located a Suleja in Niger State, Funtua in Katsina State, Kano, Emene in Enugu State and Onitsha in Anambra State. These projects will enhance accessibility to local market, relief from recurring fuel shortages and boosting employment opportunities. His refinery project in the medium term is also another ambitious project that will add value to the image 0f Nigerians abroad and in other African countries such that Nigeria as the Giant 0f Africa is also producing giant firms in the continent's oil Industry.

On a final note, he described himself as an introvert who enjoys the art of meditating and planning ahead while others are sleeping; I made most of my contacts in middle of the night. My philosophy is that all great/would be great men must s maximize the power of the night, especially that ungodly hours; that lonely of the night when the world is at peace, is what separate the boys from the men. According to him, "Men work all night, boys sleep all night".
Asked to say a final word on that fateful day in his office,, he was humble to stress that; “I am nothing before the sight of the lord, beyond all things, I must say it is only the almighty that gives power and ability to make wealth, that is why I implore all youths to put God first as their priority, with God, the passage to the top is not just easy, but very fulfilling’


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